What We Do

Dedicated to Inclusion ...

First and foremost, Trinity is dedicated to making all who enter our doors feel welcome and loved for who they are.

Trinity has undergone renovations to better serve those with special needs - This includes chair lifts to access the upper and lower levels of the building and ADA-approved, unisex bathroom facilities.

To help broadcast our message of inclusion, rainbow signs have also been added to the exterior of the building.

Trinity is a church dedicated to community service and outreach.

With the help of our steadfast parishioners, Trinity Episcopal Church serves Monroe County in many ways.

Some of the many organizations we support ...

Throughout the years, Trinity has hosted a number of fundraisers to benefit our outreach programs.

Our most recent fundraiser was Trinity's Scholarship Luncheon, where an Italian-style lunch and basket raffle was held after service in October 2019.

Thanks to the generous donations of gift certificates by local businesses and the talents of Trinity's Scholarship Committee, many baskets were raffled off. The proceeds from the event went to Trinity's annual scholarship fund, offered to family and friends of Trinity Episcopal Church for high school seniors and anyone wishing to continue their education.

In addition to our involvement with local charities and outreach organizations,

Trinity serves as a meeting place for Monroe Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups during the week.